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Technoblade started his way of composing music in November 2006 with the first single “Abe’s exoddus”. This was not a cool disco number or techno blaster, just as the first try. After that came “Call me back”. That was the second single of technoblade and was more successful than the first single. After that came the single “Memory of 2 unlimited” as a memory of the eurodance band “2 unlimited” that does exist no more. The number was good just as a new experience but not better than “Call me back”. After that came the first album, that was been called “The first time”. It was really good album, very successful. So after that came “Raise it!”, the fouth and the first single of the new album named “What’s the noise?” The single was made really professional: easy composition and very cool sound. A short time ago came “Mr. Enthusiasm” that was made with another programm, namely “Techno eJay 2". This single is not so good as “Raise it!” or “Memory of 2 unlimited”, but it contains a randy melody. So in the end of december came the last single that will be contained in “What’s the noise?” The single was named “This is my party”. The structure of the single resembles “Raise it!” So a short time ago was released the second album “What’s the noise?”. I’m afraid the first album was better! The album consists of 12 tracks, 3 of that were made with “Techno
eJay 2". But “The first time” consists of 15 tracks.

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