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NEXT EXPERIENCES - Finally it's ready!!!

Hello, everybody! Long time no see, long time no say! Finally is my fourth and last album of the first age READY.....after 7 years!!! What a wonderful long-awaited piece of news at the end of the year! This album is so far the best and the biggest with 26 tracks, believe me! Nearly all tracks was made in "FL Studio"! This is an user-friendly and very interesting digital audio workstation, I will use in the future too!  Now you can download my new album and listen to my new experiences with styles like trance, house, hardstyle, game music, even rock /metal, hip hop and another experiences! Go to the discography and download it! Enjoy the listening!

1.    New intro
2.    Who’s the candyman?
3.    In another dimension
4.    Dysprosium saw
5.    Monte Carlo
6.    Happy and proud
7.   Come on, dance now!
8.    Disco Inferno
9.    Welcome to the palace
10.    Technoblade theme 5
11.    Midnight racers
12.    The Mondoshawans (Level 7)
13.    Silent Hill Theme
14.    Lost in the irreality
15.    I represent the hardcore
16.    First rock experience
17.    Save me, Shoshana!
18.    Little toy soldier
19.    Let me go
20.    Crazy animals
21.    My mouth - my synth
22.    Audacity
23.    New Style Try (Fastbeat)
24.    Speed it up
25.    M3D
26.    Outro

Disco Inferno - New Single - Out Now!!!

After three years single-break finally came out a new single of Technoblade! "Disco Inferno" is the second and the last single of the fourth album that will be named "Next experiences". The single is a cool electro house bluster and contains the voice of the producer like in "Who's the candyman?". But the producer has changed his voice. Now you can listen to the new single by youtube ( and to download it go to Discography. And the song cover looks like that:

Who's the candyman? - New single - Out now!

Finally there's a new single of Technoblade again! That was over 8 months ago since the third album's released, now it's time for a new album and a new single! Today, August 11th sees the release of "Who's the candyman?". For the first time contains the single vocals of the producer. An exception was "Techno never dies", but you can hear the vocals only at the end and these are only three words! In a new area "Lyrics" you can take a look at the song text. And to listen to the song go to:
As well you can download it here:
And the song cover looks like that:


What a wonderful piece of news at the end of the year! Today, on 30th December came out the new album of Technoblade named "The technoblade revolution". And this is the third album now! As the name says to you it means that everything is changed and is not like before. The music style is now different, not like in "What's the noise?" or "The first time" and now there is a logo of Technoblade, it is a blade on that are two letters, one T and one B, what these mean you can imagine. So look at the album cover and the tracklisting now:

01. Intro 3.1
02. Break it down
03. The Revolution           
04. A new experience
05. Rocking to the core
06. Back on the track
07. Technoblade theme 4       
08. Techno never dies
09. An escape from the reality
10. Digital chaos
11. Cockney
12. Tango summer
13. On the 13th floor / Murka
14. Unusual
15. Playing with tigers
16. Blockbuster
17. The Revolution (club mix)
18. Best tunes

Tango summer - New Single - Out now!

Today, on 29th December is the release date of the tenth single of Technoblade named "Tango summer". That is the last single that will be contained in the third album "The technoblade revolution".  So you can listen to "Tango summer" on but only tomorrow, on 30th December.

One year of Technoblade

So, one year ago, in November 2006, was released the first single of Technoblade named "Abe's exoddus". In one year were altogether released 9 singles and 2 albums. So far the best single is "Rocking to the core", that was released in May 2007. And now it goes on with the project "Technoblade". In the next year there will be the fourth album and it will be the last album of the AGE 1. And then will come the second age! So look forward to the next surprises of Technoblade!

Techno never dies - Out now!

Today it's the release date of the ninth single of Technoblade named "Techno never dies". So this is a cover track of "Move on up" from "What's the noise?" That is as the same melody as by "Move on up". However I say you can listen to it now on And the playlist you will find later at the "Discography".

Techno never dies - New single!

So, finally it's ready. On 23th October will be released the new single of Technoblade named "Techno never dies". It's already the ninth single. Tomorrow you can listen to it on

The technoblade revolution - Limited edition

The limited edition of the new album "The technoblade revolution" is on August 1th completed. It contains only 12 tracks of all 18. The full version of the album will be probably released in the autumn. And so looks the tracklist of the limited edition:

  1. Intro 3.1
  2. Break it down
  3. The Revolution
  4. A new experience
  5. Rocking to the core
  6. Back on the track
  7. Technoblade theme 4
  8. Tango summer
  9. An escape from reality
  10. Best tunes (bonus track)
  11. Highland (will be not contained in the full version)
  12. The Revolution (club mix)

Rocking to the core - Out now!

Finally it's ready! The next single of  Technoblade is here. The release date is 09.05.2007.  This time it's the real techno blaster: fast randy melodies and hard beats make a new atmoshere and good mood of course. So you must to listen to it!


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